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When in Richmond!

It probably seems like the kind of thing I would have planned, but getting to play at Mission Laser RVA in Richmond, VA two days before they are helping me with the first ever virtual site event for Tag 4 A Cause was actually a happy accident as a result of last minute re-routed travel plans! I had not expected to be in Richmond this weekend. I had intended to fly into Charlotte and focus my attention on the Tag 4 A Cause night we will be holding there. However, it seems more than appropriate to pay a visit to their sister site, which will also be helping us to fundraise in support of Wounded Warrior Project this weekend. What a delight to see how they have reinvented this arena, formerly LQ Richmond!

Upon my arrival I met Jacob, a manager who has been there since the LQ days.

He gave me a tour of the facility that has reopened under new ownership, now operating with Cyber Blast gear.

The entry to the briefing room was both nostalgic and new.

I headed to the vesting room with the group that had just finished a game and we suited up.

And before heading in we took selfies on our phasers using some of the new tech that Laser Blast has incorporated into their newer Cyber Blast equipment.

Then it was time to head into the arena and see how they have transformed this space since the last time I was here, pre-pandemic when it was still LQ. I’m impressed!

There are barrels, logos and bright new design aesthetics all throughout. There are also still some remnants of this arena’s classic past.

If I hadn’t been so focused on the game I might have snapped a pic of the projection target I destroyed twice within our mission. I love this new feature and this was one of my first times experiencing it “out in the wild”. I look forward to seeing how their Charlotte location compares, as I hear there are some different surprises there.

Jacob showed me that they also offer vestless laser tag with their mobile unit.

Before I left, of course I added some tag swag to my collection. They have cool merch including t-shirts and drawstring bags, which I saw displayed right next to…

… a poster display promoting this weekend’s Tag 4 A Cause! On Saturday, June 25th from 7:00-9:00 you can help support Wounded Warrior Project when you donate to the cause, accept the challenge and earn the medal at either Mission Laser location. General manager Trip and his staff will support the cause at Mission Laser RVA while I am simultaneously doing the event at Mission Laser Charlotte. Both locations will feature a high score trophy contest too.

My thanks to Mission Laser for their support. Please join us for one big night at two great arenas! More info at

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