Interviewing Lord Beathan

I'd like to thank Beathan Miller (aka Lord Beathan) for taking the time to do an interview with me to discuss the early days of Photon and his time as manager of the flagship Photon center in Dallas, TX. This interview is one of several new features on the website including scripts and vintage collectibles with some other exciting new additions still to come, all intended to help preserve the nostalgia and love of Photon. Check it out at Comments or questions? Contact: Websites: and Blog:

Tagging with the Recruits

It may seem like February is too late to make a New Year's resolution, but since our Ascendance team has collectively agreed that Armageddon is not in the cards for us to play as a team this year I have decided to instead focus on another goal...playing laser tag in even more states on my way towards getting to all 50 (I'm at 20 so far) and visiting my 100th laser tag arena before the end of summer. I think this is very likely to happen sooner rather than later. I spent yesterday visiting my 76th laser tag center as I traveled to Ithaca to check out Barski's Xtreme Lazer Tag. This is a small facility operating with Lazer Runner inside of a mall in a college town. I chatted with the owner, Da

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