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Tagging Into Another Year

"Happy Birthday Tivia! Hope you get to celebrate in the best way, with the pew pew!" - RivalBlue Indeed, I did get to celebrate in the best way. My birthday included arriving at my office to find my desk draped in Happy Birthday decor, a delicious sushi lunch, cake with co-workers and a fun night out enjoying music in the evening following...laser tag! What is ironic about how I spent my birthday is that so often when I explain to people that I play laser tag I find myself defending it by saying "it's not like what you imagine when you think of laser tag at a children's birthday party." Well, last night I suppose it was in a way...only with much bigger kids!

I began and ended the night with a couple of wins and appreciated that I got some solid competition throughout the evening from Joe and Paul. And that there was a reasonably sized group of players considering it was a weeknight with nothing particularly special going on. But it was special because it was spending my day doing what I love with great people and having a wonderful time playing it out hard with those who played it hard too. I couldn't ask for a better way to spend the night. We did go out to a bar afterwards with intentions of watching Joe and Tyler in their band, Dusk Till Dawn. Unfortunately, this night it didn't look like the band was going to take the stage until Dusk...or possibly Dawn...and I had to work the next day. However, it was still a really chill night out. And to wrap things up I even heard from my favorite resident "bad guy"... Happy Birthday To You Happy Birthday To You Happy Birthday Dear LaaaauuuRRRRIIIIeeeeeeeeeeee HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Hope you had an awesome day. Love ya……D~

Thanks to all who made it a really special day!

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