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Tagging for a Cause

OK, you all know I love laser tag and sparkly hats, but this is probably the first time that these two things have collided like this...

Yes, she was running around on my team playing in full regalia with sash and crown and I love it! :) Shout out to Abby for running a successful laser tag fundraiser in support of suicide awareness and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. I went to support, play some tag and represent my MMV crew (with a name that mostly fit on the scoreboard).

I used the new membership because obviously my tiara girls don't know me as Tivia, but it was a totally moot point as it appeared that Abby and I were the only pageant people in the house. Regardless, it was a nice turnout for a worthwhile cause.

However, when the night started I was a bit concerned that I might have to title this blog entry "Played So Much Zone Lately That I Can't Remember How To Play Force Anymore." My first couple of games were that rough! But I found my groove a little later on and also enjoyed playing a round of Royal Rumble tag. Essentially it started with two players with limited lives and then two more players were added into the mix and entered the arena every 45 seconds. It was a good time. Thanks to Abby for organizing the event and to all who were there to support and raise money while laser tagging for a worthy cause.

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