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Birthday Tag

Because I had a commitment to help run sound for an event in Clifton Park last night I thought that celebrating my birthday was going to have to be postponed, but instead I had a great time visiting the smaller laser tag center in the Albany area that I hardly ever get to because I'm usually at ZG when I do get out to the Capital Region. But since Spare Time was so close by my friend Stephanie and I decided to check it out. To be honest, the fact that they had food was also a determining factor...quesadillas and lava cake were the PERFECT birthday treats.

Steph had not played laser tag in a very long time, so it was kind of like a first for her. This center runs Zone using Rift so we went in and I showed her how to hold the phaser with a quick tutorial on what to do. The first game out was against a random group of twentysomethings who gave us a great game...and then left. This place was offering discounts for multiple games, but no AYCP to keep a group there, so we had to wait a little while before getting into another we sat out in the bowling alley part of the center by the sports grille and had time to chill for awhile and catch up. I don't slow down enough to just hang out with friends all that often, so it was nice we had the time. Then the game master came over to let us know a group would be playing in a few minutes so we headed back to tag in time to find out this was going to be an "employees vs civilians" match...and let me tell you, it was a BLAST! Everyone played hard and one guy who worked there said he hadn't had that much fun playing tag in a really long time. It was totally worth hanging around to play with this group. Then our final game was against a group that had been...let's just say, enjoying the bar. So going in I knew who was going to be an easy target. Those guys didn't see it coming...well, except for one who was on his game. However, the guys who were big talkers going in seemed a bit perplexed by how I could be on one side of the wall and tag them and a moment later reappear in a different spot. That game was fun if for no other reason to appreciate those reactions.

I do wish there was more consistency to the game schedule when I visit this arena, but regardless we had a great time and I am glad I had the opportunity to play a little tag on my birthday and celebrate with a phaser in one hand and a piece of cake in the other. :)

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