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Frames N Games was a (Hyper) Blast!

Frames n Games in Pooler, GA was also a combo of bowling, arcade and laser tag with a grille, but when I walked in the loud music and flashing lights gave off a completely different vibe. This was more like walking into a club and it was packed with people.

While waiting for my game of tag I killed some time with a 5D movie. That was a little trippy with a space adventure happening in 3D as the chairs moved and wind blows in your face. It also gave me a chance to rest and recharge before playing as this was my fifth arena in one day!

So back to tag. I ended up playing with a really fun group.

While waiting to get into a game I chatted with one guy from Chicago who goes to school in Seattle and I mentioned I'll be tagging out there in the fall (tagging my way up the west coast). I had extra time to chat because the scheduled games were lagging behind and it was a little disorganized with players not knowing when/where to be ready for their game. I hung out by the Aztec themed structure in the arcade area.

When we got in to play I tried to remember what I know about this system. They run Hyper Blast here. I've more recently played Cyber Blast and Zeta Blast, but it's almost two years since I've played Hyper Blast, so it felt like something fresh to me.

I got the feel for the system again pretty quickly.

The group gave some good competition, especially the one who played as Deadpool. My pack was Capt. America.

But scores aside, I enjoyed seeing the list of random achievements. Even though I don't often focus on achievements for my various member cards I did think it was cool to see a few on the screen.

And although I really enjoyed my visit and would have liked to play another round (or even watched another 5D movie) common sense said this was the point where I should call it a night and head over to my hotel. What an intense, but worthwhile day of tag!

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