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Tag Fails

I'll take responsibility for not vetting these sites better, but all indications were that I'd be able to play two more centers in the area. Unfortunately that wasn't the case here. Although there were a couple of red flags I took the still active website for Surfs Up at face value when I read "now reopened". They were in actuality "now shut down."

When I dug a little deeper I understood and was skeptical that the second location would be closed as well. From the outside on a Saturday afternoon it sure looked like Extreme Laser Tag was under the same management and they appeared closed too.

Now their Facebook shows activity as recently as January and I did not actually check to see if the place was locked up or not (I just peeked from the outside at a building that looked lifeless), but of course if I had any positive indicators while standing in their parking lot I would have tried. As it was my assessment of the situation was that it was better to get back in my car and head to a center I could confirm was playable. Sigh...sad.

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