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The Clubhouse

The Clubhouse in Statesboro, GA is an impressive sports bar, family center, bowling, mini golf and laser tag facility...a real showpiece facility. This is how you do amusements for all ages.

They run Rift. I could tell I was tired from my travels because my game was not as sharp as usual. I won, but it was not my best showing and I knew I could feel that I was starting to drag. However it was a fun round in an arena with a nice use of the space.

Mild gripe about the aesthetic...these walls are everywhere! I see them in so many arenas it's ridiculous. I would so much rather play somewhere with a more creative theme like they had on the outside of the arena. These walls are just so played out and I'm starting to grimace at the lack of originality every time I see them.

But that aside, it was a fun go around with the game. But I was really starting to get tired so this was ALMOST my last shot for the night.

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