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Tag Apparel

I recently designed some original laser tag themed fabric which I had custom printed and then using my seamstress skills I turned it into some fun tag apparel. Look closely and you'll see silhouettes of tag players glowing red and green and the square repeat points are actually bases. :) My first projects using this fabric (printed on poly spun spandex jersey) were leggings done with a larger version of the print and a tunic with the design reduced to a smaller scale and I wore the shirt while out at tag this weekend.

My gears started turning on this idea when I received a note with the excellent suggestion that "now we just need laser tag leggings."

I couldn't have agreed more! This fabric design was inspired in part by the Photon "first artifact" concept painting coupled with some homage to my home arena.

Had another night with games filled at or very close to full capacity (love that!) however, with nice weather on the way I know summer will slow things down locally, so it is time to start planning some more tag adventures on the road. Until last night I was hedging about this one, but I have decided to play Baltigeddon again this year. So I guess one of the things I should put on my agenda is to get down to PA and brush up on Storm...but maybe head to the Boston area first! :)

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