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Cyber Blast Practice

So I'm going to be playing in a Cyber Blast tournament in a couple of weeks. Since this system is not one I get to play often I realize I need to find a way to get in some practice. And although not the closest or most convenient site locations to where I live I do know that there are two places in Lake George that run Cyber Blast. So instead of chancing another quiet night in Syracuse I hopped in my car and started driving to my 95th arena (I'm definitely hitting 100 by the end of the year) and paid a visit to Lake George Lanes and Games.

Ok, actually I arrived too early, so I detoured to Sushi Yoshi for some delicious sushi before gearing up for a few games. Then I played a light round just to get re-acclimated before asking more specific questions about the system. Max was the game master and gave me an excellent rundown on the features.

I remembered that the button on the front activated the special modes, so I got a refresher on how best to use Photon for a wide shot or to splay the beam to hit several targets at once, Laser Burst for rapid fire and Shields identified when the vest lights go solid.

We went over base points (and most importantly the 3x cap on base deactivations. When I karaoke VTR the line will now be changed to "this base was up a tree..." Lol :)

And then the land mines that shoot back...

And the targets for extra points...

I also learned that the theme of this arena is clever and regional as it was designed to look like an Adirondack Fort. Take note of the various elements like the cannons, the wooden structure in the middle and the pine trees painted on the walls and you can see some real thought went into this arena's aesthetic.

Thanks Max for the thorough tour and refreshing me on this system that I so rarely get to play!

Later in the night I headed down the road to Adventure Racing Family Fun Center. I played here once about a year ago. There was a good crowd and I got to play with several quality groups throughout the night.

Jacob was the game master here and he was also really great about giving me a walkthrough with his tips about playing the game. I'm going to bear in mind his suggestion to use shields and burst together. He told me he has worked there for about six years. After only one game I pulled a score of over 25,000 which he said is the second closest he's ever seen anyone get to his all time high of 32,000 just behind some guy who got 27,000, but plays there all the time.

I took that as a real compliment and confidence boost that I could hold my own for the tournament. And I tried replicating that score in the next round, which played closer to the 3 team/4 man format that I understand will be used for this tourney.

So all in all this was an incredibly worthwhile night of Cyber Blast practice which was definitely worth the two hour drive to Lake George. I think I'm going to have to do this again. :)

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