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Arr...Pirate Time

Pietro’s Pirate Adventure is actually located inside a pizzeria in Salem, OR. With Hyper Blast as their system I was ready to play, but again, timing is everything. At this stop they have an incredibly experienced staff and the manager said if I could wait about 15 minutes one of their best players would be able to go in for a game. So I waited on Makenna who momentarily hesitated to play against me because (to quote her) “If I go in you know I’m going to win” she said loudly and matter-of-factly. Well, this confidence was exactly why I wanted to play against her. I think it’s great to play against experienced players, but especially a young woman who is confident in her abilities too. I suspected this was going to be a really good game.

First I was obliged to watch, well, a REALLY corny briefing video made by a former employee dressed as a pirate. It reviewed the basics, but had a couple of little inaccuracies that I discovered upon actually getting into the long, lengthwise arena. However I wasn’t concerned since I already knew the game…and how seriously can you take a briefing from a pirate whose moustache falls off by accident in front of the camera. I was more interested in the game and Makenna gave me some wicked good competition. However, she was aware of some pack settings that were definitely not what I was expecting. When we compared scorecards afterwards she had targeted my shoulder and phaser sensors the most and I had gone for chest and back sensors on her. Unfortunately the point values for those sensors were reversed from what I had expected or I would have played it a bit differently. But that didn’t change the fact that it was a really great game in an arena that could have gone either way.

I think this place put a lot of emphasis on the pirate aesthetic which didn’t necessarily add anything to the tag game. However, it’s got a cute design and if you like pirates you should get your booty down here!

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