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Super Time at Superplay (and then The Fog Rolls In)

On so many levels I think playing some Helios at Superplay was a fantastic experience. I enjoyed the uniquely structured elongated arena, cool lighting and my favorite game.

This arena is clearly divided in half along a red side and a blue side.

That made for an interesting game as the maze was a little more unique than some. And they had one more unique feature too…at least I really hope this is unique to this side of the country. This was the second time ever (and second time on this trip) when I had found myself blasted with a spray of fog immediately after deactivating the base.

This is the only thing I didn’t enjoy and since I have not encountered this anywhere but on my trip I decided to ask the manager about it. She didn’t know if this was an option they added when purchasing the system or anything else about it other than that it had been there from the start. She also said it was a way to make sure people knew the base was deactivated since some people might shoot it once and walk away without realizing it takes three shots. Seriously, couldn’t that just be covered in the briefing session instead of by fogging an individual? Overall I enjoyed my experience, but I have to speak up against the fog spray. Let’s please rethink this feature.

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