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Xtreme Craze

As soon as I saw the sign above the entrance to Xtreme Craze I suspected there must be an affiliation with the Laser Craze site I had played in the Boston area.

I was right! They told me family members of the owners do in fact own that site, which explains the familiar feel of the place when I walked in. I was ready for some Lasertron and got into a game almost immediately.

I vested up and then checked out the game modes we would be playing with today including Force Field, Super Rapid and Bonus modes.

Then we entered a typical Tron arena with some really nice spacescape black light artwork on the walls. When I commented on the art one of the game masters said that if I liked the briefing room I would love the arena and I really did.

When I brought back the high score my team wanted some tips. Of course in this game it’s “all about that base”.

Then when we were done I checked out the snack bar and I must say the entire staff was really on top of things. While I was standing there waiting for my order there were four people who all came up to me to ask if I had been taken care of. As a customer I certainly appreciate the attention to service. And let me thank Cory especially for hooking me up with a bag of tag swag souvenirs to take home with me!

This was a great experience and a top notch tag facility. I had a great time!

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