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One Brief, Fleeting Moment

I was back in Syracuse playing Laserforce the other night when something happened that momentarily had me really happily surprised...but it was short lived.

Tom and Aaron were hanging back in the vesting room signing in using the computer when I had scanned my card and started walking into the arena. From behind me I hear them call out "Tivia, you're a level seven?"

I answer that, no, I am a level six. Level six is generally regarded as the highest level (Laser Master), but those who know are aware that there is actually something above that, however it is incredibly rare to achieve the level seven. It requires maintaining a ridiculously high average (not just a few games...bear in mind the hundreds of games that go into formulating a decent average) and it also comes with an incredibly difficult must land five shots against a lower level player instead of just one in order to deactivate them. Level six has a three shot balance, but five is really taking it to another level...and that level is seven. :)

"Well, you must have just leveled up" they tell me and call me over to look at the screen. A level seven would be identified with a little purple vest icon instead of a number and as you can see by my name (Tiv-D)...

Sure enough, the computer was telling us that I was now a level seven! I went into the game and played as a level seven, experiencing the five-shot balance for the first time. It was challenging, but fun and afterwards I immediately went to check my card status in the lobby. However at the computer terminal out front it was still showing me as a level six. Now, don't get me wrong. I haven't been to this site in months and had no real expectation of having that ultra-elite level. However, I did want to check it out. Unfortunately, it was determined to be a glitch as a result of some people messing with the computer settings. Sigh...for one brief, fleeting moment I was almost a level seven. :)

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