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We secretly replaced Cody's regular pack with Folgers Crystals...

As I was scraping the ice buried under several inches of snow off my car before leaving for tag I almost decided to turn around and go back inside where it was warm. But I felt like I hadn't gotten in a full night of tag in awhile, so I pushed through the cold and barely plowed roads and set out for Syracuse anyway. My first stop was FJ, but they didn't have a group sticking around for the night, so I called over to the Force center. Fox told me they had about a dozen players on this snowy evening, so I headed the 20 minutes across town and was glad to see it was worth the drive along those unplowed roads...if not for the tag, then at least for the amusement between games.

When I arrived there were a couple of members playing. Cody was there...and so was "his pack". But tonight we secretly replaced Cody's regular pack with Folgers Crystals... That is to say after every game I would hang back in the vesting room and move it to a different rack so while he's looking for it in one spot I'm able to make a beeline for it in another. Yes, I AM a grown adult and yes, this really IS what I did with my Saturday night. :)

So, this little gambit of psychological warfare continued throughout the night. Where is the pack now?

He claims it is his pack because it's "on the tournament sheet". Meanwhile I joked that we could invent a new drinking game...take a drink every time Cody says "tournament" or "level 7" and nobody would make it through the night! Just teasing Cody, it's all in good fun. :)

So we played a variety of games including one that seemed unnecessarily brutal. Someone suggested playing members vs public, which I think could be aptly renamed "how to lose friends and alienate people". However, everyone was on board and took it least the once. During this game I signed in correctly (level six) while the other two (Mitch = Tangy Walrus and Cody = Me) signed in as level 7. However, I feel like that was doubly messed up in this scenario because they knew some computer glitch made it so that level 7s could deactivate with one shot instead of the five shots that would even the playing field. As for me, I went in as a 6 and was the only one playing that round playing with the three shot requirement for fairness and balance. However, I'll let the results and karma do the talking on this one...

The night ended with a round of Photon emulation, so I was a happy camper for having come out to tag in spite of the weather. Now, cross my fingers for decent driving next weekend and I may have another adventure to share outside of the area, meaning Cody can play using "his pack" least until he goes back to college or I return to 'cuse, whichever comes first. :)

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