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Karma Is A…Ruthless Shooter :)

The next stop was a business owned by the family of Mike O., one of my Baltigeddon teammates from a couple of years ago. It was actually a nice surprise to cross paths with him again as we entered into the lobby of Active Kidz, which had a name that (thankfully) did not fully describe the turnout of players. They actually had a nice blend of all ages including kids, teens and adults to make for a decent game of Laserforce. Unfortunately, they were not set up to accept my membership card to give me a proper level balance, so I was sent in as a level one just like everyone else.

I grabbed a pack called Karma got ready for the first of two games.

I really enjoyed playing at this site, from targeting the reactor…

…to setting off the warbot…

…and taking the bases while enjoying a couple of very full standard games.

Well, as you might expect Karma is a…ruthless shooter. Yep, we’ll end the sentence that way. I played appropriately (i.e. I wasn’t the “try hard” I could have been), but I still took first in both games…I really wish I could have had that 19,702 on my account to bump up my average!

And my thanks to Amir (the game master) for permitting me to take some arena pics afterwards (as they have signs posted about this I really do appreciate the accommodation they made for this blog). Had a great time. And Mike…hope to see you again at the next ‘geddon!

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