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Andy B's

Upon my arrival in Oklahoma my first stop was to Andy B’s in Tulsa.

Although the bowling alley was open I had gotten there before the games area had opened up for the day, so I took a moment to sit down and relax as it had been a long night getting between Denver and Tulsa. I enjoyed some quesadillas and fries from the snack bar and when the gaming area opened I was ready to join a family group for the first game of the day.

I honestly don’t have much to say about this stop. It was a typical example of an average tag arena at a bowling alley. It gets the job done, but is a no-frills atmosphere. A pretty basic set-up with a CW arena design and minimal lighting effects. It was fine, but nothing particularly stood out about it.

Please don’t misunderstand what I mean by that description. This is a good example of your average add-on arerna where it is a secondary attraction as part of a larger business. This appears to be a very good bowling alley, the food was great and the arcade is very appropriate for the center. And I was glad to see laser tag here. I am appreciative of any site that includes laser tag as part of it’s plan. But this is no question a bowling alley first and the tag is just one of several additional features that they offer, so that’s why there isn’t a lot more for me to say other than that it was an enjoyable game and I’m glad I stopped by.

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