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I’ve Reached The Summit!

My next stop was to The Summit in Windsor, CO. This was a really great time!

Upon entering the facility the sign to their Lasers Edge laser tag arena glowed like a beacon to the tag area in the back past some of the arcade attractions. I was enthused to see that their clientele exiting from the previous game was a bit older (i.e. adults, not kids), which was a good indicator as I purchased my game pass to get in on the next Helios game. Although this is an all ages family entertainment center with bowling, food and arcade I was glad to see that I would likely be getting a good quality game experience with some age-appropriate players.

There was a quality group of a dozen players (including a group of guys I passed in the parking lot who I just knew must be regulars here) and I was really pleased to be able to play with this group.

I really liked this double level arena. Although there were a lot of familiar Creative Works elements there, but what caught my attention was a brightness to the colors that made this space look newer and a little different. Lighting makes a huge difference and this place got it right.

I’m going to call this a combo between a jungle ruins and space tech theme based on the mix of décor.

A familiar structure was the centerpiece to the arena design.

Ramps on either side gave access to the top level where a lot of this game played out. I scoped out a sweet spot near the top of the ramp on one side that afforded me a clear shot to target players in the alcove on my left, to my right and with a target that I tagged every time I cycled through to help boost the points. In Zone timing is everything and a establishing a good rhythm helped me get the high score.

This game was fast paced and intense! Really an excellent round with clear beams and top functioning equipment. I really love playing Zone of any kind, but these Helios packs just cut like butter.

This was the first game today where I really worked up a sweat and felt like I had played a serious game. Big thanks to all the players…especially those guys from outside who seemed a little surprised when my name was called out at the end in first place. (Vader? Who was Vader?)

And also thanks to Rachelle for making sure I had a nice souvenir to take home from my time at The Summit. :)

This was a really fun time and an arena I would love to visit again. Colorado is turning out to be an excellent state for tag!

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