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Ironman at Laser Quest Denver

I called ahead to reserve my spot for the Saturday night Ironman at Laser Quest Denver and I’m so glad I did because the game was a total sellout. It’s always the most fun to play in a packed arena! So when I saw how many people arrived for the game I was really excited to play…especially once I saw that this site had the new packs. :)

We went in for the half hour game which was so much fun. I took a different approach than usual and did not explore the upper levels all that much. This time I pretty much stuck to playing a floor game and pacing myself. This strategy worked for me and I captured one of my highest LQ scores to date at 2921.

The player in second gave me a really good run and it was a close game until the last handful of shots in the final minutes. Good game to all!

Before I left I asked the manager for a Laser Quest magnet. Believe it or not, this is actually my first. I can’t believe I didn’t realize I should be asking for these at every LQ stop!

But I’m glad to start my collection now. And as we were chatting I enjoyed learning that this gentlemasn was actually from Rochester, NY. What a small world!

Thanks to everyone at Laser Quest Denver for a really enjoyable evening. By this time at night I knew that it was time to call it a day with lots of great memories of my stops in Colorado before proceeding on. Next stop, Tulsa!

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