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Loveland Laser Tag and the Laserforce North American Headquarters

I received such a nice welcome from the staff at Loveland Laser Tag. I was excited to visit because this site is not only very impressive as an arena and arcade, but also because Loveland is home to the Laserforce North American Headquarters, which as a Force player I was enthused about.

When I introduced myself as a member from the Syracuse site everyone went above and beyond to be helpful, give me a tour of the center and be as accommodating as possible. The first person I met was Noah who was kind enough to show me around and give me a peek at the Laserforce office. I understand why photos were not permitted here, but it was quite a treat to see the equipment in progress including stacks of vest moldings and this location where it is manufactured in the states.

As you walk through the building there is a series of movie theater-like posters on the walls promoting some of the different Laserforce game choices.

I appreciate being able to take a couple of posters home as souvenirs that will hang proudly alongside every one of my Laser Tag Day posters in my studio.

And they hooked me up with a couple of other mementos from the site.

Then I got a tour the arcade area including a chance to try out one of their newest interactive games called RAID (Rapid Alien Invasion Defense) which was a really fun game of reaction time as you had to touch targets that would appear on various walls while stepping over moving laser beams that were constantly changing position. Definitely a cool attraction!

But my main mission here was to play some laser tag, so I was most excited sbout checking out the arena and getting into a game.

First stop was the briefing room to watch a briefing video…

…before moving into the vesting chamber.

This was an impressive, 5700 square foot multi-level arena with lots of extra features to keep a look out for. There were several bases and beacons scattered throughout. I believe that all the bases were on the lower level. Beacons were in some unexpected places and you definitely had to keep your eyes open! The theme was a pharoah’s tomb with plenty of decorative elements for interest, but the arena design itself was what I found most memorable.

I know there were some interactive elements that we never made proper use of during the game. One example was this portal which if your team could take control of it by targeting the beacons would turn your color and deactivate anyone who passed through it. Very cool to learn about as I have never seen this in any other Laserforce arena I have played. As the home location for the system I imagine they get the coolest new things first. :)

I played a couple of games including a standard round and a game of Color Conquest (looking forward to the travel achievement from this site).

This was one of my favorite stops in Colorado. Again, big thanks to the entire staff for a really great experience playing one of my favorite systems. And of course for the hospitality as a visiting member. I had a really great time in Loveland!

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