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Two Weeks Later: Fun Junction Memories

It has been two weeks since I heard the news that Fun Junction, my first laser tag home, had unexpectedly closed. This was not easy for me to accept. This past weekend I actually went back to the mall to see for myself and it brought out a lot of emotions. I walked into the mall and walked down this familiar hallway that I have so many times.

I entered right behind a family with a young daughter. I watched as she ran up to where the center had been, put her hands on the window and pressed her nose up against the glass and I saw her process her own sadness as she discovered that it was gone. Wow...that hit home. I took a moment to sit on the bench out front and just reflect on all the time I have spent here...and especially all of the good times. So that's what this post is about. Here are photos of some wonderful memories I have of Fun Junction.

Remembering all the good times we had there is a much better way to say goodbye.

Goodbye Fun Junction.

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