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Hometown Tag in the Mobile Laser Tag Arena

Normally when I play tag locally I still have to drive an hour and a half to get to the nearest arena, but this past weekend the arena came to me! The Fun Warehouse brought their mobile laser tag arena to a local festival that was happening very close to where I live. Perfect, since I was already planning to be at the festival! This hometown event was an ideal opportunity for the tag guys to come out to my neck of the woods.

This festival arranged to cover the cost of the tag so that it was free for the public to enjoy at the event. Needless to say I played my fill and enjoyed a beautiful day out on the field in between games, some of which included a few highlights. One of my favorite rounds included playing with a group of students (including some members of the football team) and showing them how it’s done. :)

There were plenty of games to be enjoyed with the event-goers who showed up, some out of curiosity just to explore the giant inflatable arena and see what laser tag is about. They ran five minute games and because it was such a hot, sunny day the arena was roasting, so smart players paced themselves a bit.

The inside of the mobile arena has nylon walls, barriers and windows. It’s tough to properly showcase it in photos, but it really is a cool setup.

When you exited the arena it felt like you were walking out into air conditioning.

Now, towards the end of the day a couple of police officers showed up. Not because of any trouble, but rather because they wanted to play some laser tag too! They got in line and when I noticed I thought this would be a fun round to get into. Zac and Lenny had been working the whole time, but Sanch gave Zac the go ahead to join in this game too. That’s was a little extra motivation for me to I want to take on this game.

Initially I thought it would be more interesting to see how my skills stacked up against the officers. Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way comparing a game of laser tag to the actual training that they go through. But still, I anticipated a good challenge. In actuality, the challenge played out between Zac and me. We both really wanted the win this time around (probably for the same reason). Neither of us was able to sign in, so we just had random pack names. Before going in he announced to the crowd that Dragon (his pack) would be the winner. I was wearing Ultra. And if anyone is keeping track, the officers were on Phoenix and Warrior. There were a few other public players as well.

The game was Color Rank Supercharge. Zac and I swapped the lead back and forth a couple of times throughout the game. Now, every weekend Tom sums up this game rather succinctly by saying “If your pack is red you are winning, if it’s any other color then try harder.” I especially appreciated that sentiment in the final second of the game as I saw my pack go red and Zac’s turn yellow. Before we even got out to check the scoreboard I heard Sanch shout out “Holy cow, Tivia beat Zac!”

Well, technically we tied, but since my score was the one in red I will refer you back to Tom’s saying. :) Just kidding. Good game Zac! You can also tell by our scores (again, this was a five minute round) that this was no longer about playing against the officers or the public…it had turned into a competitive grudge match between the two of us try-hards. But it was the best game of the day and I am so glad I got to enjoy the sunshine, the festival and some laser tag to top off an awesome day!

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