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How Does It Feel?

Remember those skater kids from the movie Dogma? I think I played tag with them the other night!

Tuesday night in Albany can be exactly as hit or miss as...well...THURSDAY night in Syracuse (members night, enough said). So when I arrived and found that my only game option was to play with a couple of young kids I said "well, I'm already here, I'll just go in with them and be a target." That was before those Dogma teens showed up to join the game. That changed the picture a bit. So I said to the young ones "let's team up and play against them" figuring that way I could actually play a real game. And indeed that's what happened. And that's when I started to notice the resemblance to the kids in the movie.

The first similarity was that they traveled in a pack, even during the game (which of course that made them easier targets). Second was the viciousness of the girl with the long red hair. She was simply not having it. At one point after I had tagged her a few times she got a shot against me and while my pack was down she got right up in my face shouting "How does it feel? Yeah, how does it feel?" Tough talk? Lol..."it feels" like I was going to take a particular interest in tagging her for the rest of the game!

Fortunately it was not long before I was able to turn my attention to a more competitive target when Mason entered the arena wearing a pack and giving me a way better challenge. When I noticed his arrival I said "now we have a real game!" and mostly focused on playing against him. Of course when I crossed paths with the teens I still took my shots. The girl continued her smack talk, but hey, she had a phaser, not a hockey stick. Bring it on! In the end I had the high score so...ask me again "how does it feel?" :)

I actually really enjoyed the competition, even with the extra commentary from the peanut gallery. I only got a couple of games in because it was the night before the 4th of July holiday and VERY hot so nobody else showed up. But there's one thing that can make a night like that totally worthwhile...

New tag swag! Yes, ZG has gotten in some new t-shirts with perfect timing. I'll be wearing mine in a couple of weeks when I play in the Glendale Open in CA because now that FJ is closed this is my home Zone site, so I will proudly represent Albany now...and that feels pretty good to say. :)

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