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Retirement (Not for me…for my hat)

I’ve worn my Photon hat into over 300 laser tag arenas and it has been one of my most loved conversation pieces (whenever I run into a Photon player it sparks discussion), but last night I had to admit that it has gotten worn out to the point where it deserves to be retired. RIP Photon hat.

No worries though, I have a back-up. Thank you, Jim! :)

I’ve jokingly said a few times over the years that maybe all my laser tag ability is in that hat. Well, I wore my new hat to league last night instead and now I am starting to think that I might have been right! (SMH) I had one of my worst performance nights of tag playing in a while and, while I’m not seriously blaming that on the new hat, I just can’t help but make that connection.

Everyone has an off night occasionally. So, what do you do when you’re playing badly and can’t quite pull out of the slump? Well, in my case I decided to lean into it. For the record, we were past the point of standings being altered when I decided for the last few games of the night to throw “proper playing” out the window and do something different. I played as if I was the Terminator and shot rapid-fire nearly continuously at everything and anything, moving or not, ready to inadvertently hit whatever came into my path while simultaneously (and very consciously) taking a stab at earning the worst accuracy award. I’m telling you this now so that if that result actually happens, you’ll know it was pre-meditated. :) And you know what…it was also just, plain fun to not be taking it too seriously.

Finals are next weekend. Now, I’m not superstitious, but I have to be honest…after last night I’m seriously thinking of bringing my old hat out of retirement!

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