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An Epic Night, Then PowerPlay The Next Day

There’s no better way to close out a full day of laser tag travels than to play even more laser tag with good friends. After visiting a few sites around the Kansas City area I met up with Miranda and Elaine for dinner and we decided to play a few games at Epic Fun in Lawrenceville, KS. We were treated to some free play in the arcade while we waited for the final session of Lasertron to start. Elaine opted to continue her winning streak in the arcade while Miranda and I suited up for some Tron.

This was Miranda’s very first time playing Tron, so I gave her an explanation of the standard base game…and then found out we were going to be starting with a team shield game so none of what I said really mattered…at least not until the next game of Capture the Arches.

Then those bases came into play again.

We explored the arena and took the base points. I walked my way through this game, but enjoyed being a disruptor nonetheless. :)

We finished the night out with a bonus mode team game playing in spy mode. It was an enjoyable (and fairly typical) night of Tron tag, but the best part was getting to share it with friends. It’s always great to see Miranda and Elaine when I’m traveling through the Midwest.

I’m going to share my next day’s experiences a little bit out of order, but one of the sites I got to play when I passed back through Kansas City was PowerPlay North.

When I walked in I was a bit surprised to see the Lazer X sign prominently marking their arena. Was this a former Lazer X location?

I had assumed that this site would be using the same brand of laser tag as when I played their sister location a couple of years ago (formerly in Shawnee, KS). However, here they are using Cyber Blast, so I switched gears and got ready to check out their space themed arena.

The arena was a decent sized single level, but with two raised bridges to provide added height and dimension. I liked the theming.

The best part of this stop was getting to play a quality game against a decent-sized group of college aged players who made it really worthwhile. It’s always nice to play with a larger group and this was a good way to fill the in-between time along this trip.

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