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Adventures in Massachusetts

This weekend I basically invented an excuse for a tag weekend because if I could get one more hotel stay in before the end of the month I would earn huge points on my card and get a free hotel night to use on my next tag trip. Sometimes these are the kind of silly reasons that lead me to unexpected adventures!

That’s how I found myself traveling to the eastern part of Massachusetts and paying a visit TO Starland Sportsplex and Fun Park in Hanover, MA.

This place is big and has a lot going on! I went downstairs to find the laser tag arena and was really pleased to see a great crowd. It appeared that they were running full games back to back continuously because I was the last player allowed into the game before they were at full capacity and others had to wait in line for the next round. That’s really impressive to see.

This site is currently using Zone Helios, so I vested up while the game master tried to get everyone’s attention. When we were allowed in I discovered a small, but nicely designed 2200 square foot single level arena, which fit the decent sized group of players surprisingly well. There were two bases placed against a side wall in each corner.

The red base actually had a very tight little corner next to it that was perfect for a surprise defense. Well, perhaps everything was a surprise because those players did not see me coming and I enjoyed a very successful game where they were audibly expressing their surprise at my ability to target them so quickly…don’t I always say that this is a game of timing? I took a couple of pics of their CW walls and nicely done airbrushed art on the walls, but because this place was packed I didn’t stick around long enough to hold up the next game.

Instead I walked back up to the counter and inquired about buying a t-shirt. This is what got me chatting in a conversation with their manager, Scott, about the facility and their future plans. He shared with me that he had been visiting some nearby arenas in New Hampshire and generously gave me some info to add these stops to my agenda. One particularly caught my attention, but I’ll get into that in another post. However, I’m just really appreciative that Scott was all about sharing his recommendations…and that I took away a nice souvenir of my visit to Starland.

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