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Shiny and New Evolution

I had not originally planned to travel to New Hampshire. I was intending to spend the weekend just exploring tag sites in Massachusetts, but when on my first stop Scott mentioned that there was an arena within a couple of hours drive where he had just played on their new Delta Strike equipment I did a double take. I asked if he meant the Genesis system and he said yes. Then I called that night to find out if this was correct and the girl who answered the phone said yes. I was so excited! However, (spoiler alert), this turned out to not actually be the case. It is true that they just got new Delta Strike equipment, but it was not Genesis, it was the Evolution FEC. OK, not the unicorn in the wild I thought I was going to find, but still…new laser tag equipment in a brand new arena is still a great time!

So that was the catalyst for my paying a visit to the Dover Bowl in Dover, NH. They had just recently installed a shiny and new arena and laser tag system in December, so this was a chance to check it out. When we were taken into the briefing room and shown the Evolution video I had a gut feeling that I had incorrect information about what system they were using, however, putting on one of the brand new packs still made it feel pretty special.

Then we stepped into a bright new single level arena with lighting that made everything pop!

I took note of some of the additional components featured in this arena. Of course video bases are something I immediately look for and I found them easily under familiar looking base housings.

But something I don’t encounter all that often are the energy gates. When they are neutral they flash rainbow colors.

However, once tagged they turn the color of the team whose player tagged it so those players can safely walk through while the other team has a new challenge. I was on the blue team, so I had to make this gate safe for the others.

Something else that I come across somewhat sporadically is the use of the smart targets. These can be used in a few different ways, but in this arena one was mounted directly under this car and would target a player if they got too close for too long.

So there were a lot of cool components to make the game a bit more interesting. Although it wasn’t what I thought I’d be playing at the start of my day I’m still really glad that I was pointed in the right direction to check this site out…and as a bonus I found a really great sushi restaurant next door just in time for lunch!

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