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Xtreme X2

I have enjoyed playing at Xtreme Craze sites in the past and this weekend I got to play Xtreme X2. First I played their site in Londonderry, NH and on my way back through I played again at their location in Westborough, MA. Both are impressive two story Lasertron sites.

I felt by the third time today that I could probably recite the Lasertron briefing video by heart, but I have to respect the consistency of the experience from site to site when they are running this system correctly.

Londonderry appears to be a much newer arena with lots of sectors and archways glowing in bright, hot colors and all you would want it to be.

But Westborough’s arena was still pretty impressive.

The Londonderry manager was kind enough to hook me up with a VIP card for my next game, so I appreciated being able to use it the same day when I passed back through Westborough. Big thanks!

There’s not a lot more that I can say about the standard team games we played that I haven’t covered in this blog many times before, but here’s the one thing I will share with you that’s a little different from most times when I play Lasertron.

OK, let’s be real. I’m not genuinely bragging about that score…I’m just appreciating the novelty of it. To be honest I know that Lasertron is not my strong game and that score only happened because we were in a high points base game where nobody else seemed to have a clue about the bases, let alone defending them. But when I realized that I was going to cross the 200,000 point mark (and be the top player at this site on this particular day) I thought I’d better save a photo of it here for posterity because anyone who knows me at all will tell you that you’ll never see THAT next to my name in a Lasertron site ever again! It wasn’t the result of a particularly challenging game, but it was something a little unusual to make me remember this visit.

I only have one more Xtreme Craze left to visit…I guess Foxboro will be on my radar the next time I return to Massachusetts!

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