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Big Kid Birthday Tag

Am I just a big kid who enjoyed some laser tag on my birthday? You bet! Add in a sushi dinner before heading out to the arena and I am a very happy camper.

I had the best time playing with Paul, Sam and Alexis to celebrate! So this is just a little reminder that laser tag is a great way to celebrate any occasion. It’s definitely great for kids birthdays, but it’s not ONLY for kids parties. Laser tag is a great way to celebrate things like:

A family reunion...this one sort of qualifies as this is my great big crazy extended (albeit technically unrelated) family...

Or a bachelor/bachelorette party (I’ve done a live broadcast from a paintball stag party, why not laser tag?)

Or the before or after-prom...

Or a fundraiser!

And I’m sure there have been a couple of laser tag weddings out there!

So when you’re looking for a way to celebrate anything from a success at work to a retirement keep in mind that laser tag is the best way to make any occasion a party!

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