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Come On Baby, Tag the Lokomotion

My next stop in Arkansas was to the Lokomotion Family Fun Park in Fayetteville. This was another stop in the middle of a random weekday, so I was happy just to be able to get in a 1v1 with Baxter playing a classic game of Blast in their neon space themed arena.

This arena feels deceptively larger than I imagine it probably is and we had a bit of a cat and mouse game going. There are two raised platform areas accessible by ramps on either side.

The walls are high enough on those platforms that you can’t see over them, so it felt like those areas added more hiding places within the maze than any heightened advantage to see across the space.

There were several nice places to tuck behind, but for the most part the arena felt open with a circular flow around those platforms in the middle.

Laser tag is just one of the amusement offerings at this family entertainment center that has a lot more to do including go karts, bumper boats, mini golf and more, so this was pretty much what I anticipated for this kind of venue. I do appreciate seeing arenas with a bit more of a homestyle kind of look.

They did a nice job with their space theme carrying it through all the way down to the stars on the carpet. All in all this was a nice game experience in yet another uniquely built arena and a good way to spend some time prior to heading off to the evening events on my “in between day” in Arkansas. I’m glad I stopped in and would love to return.

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