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A Battle Blast Playing Nexus All Night

By the end of a busy day in and around Las Vegas I was ready to settle in for an all you can play night and Battle Blast in Las Vegas looked like it would be the perfect site.

I called ahead and Jack told me about their AYCP from 8:00-midnight, but I got there a little early so I took some time to take a tour of a really cool 5800 square foot arena where I would get to play Zone Nexus for the remainder of the evening. This arena features a battle-ravaged apocalyptic look that extends through multiple themed rooms on two levels making for space where you can really get caught up in the game.

On the lower level you can shoot around the bookshelves in the library (just like an experience I actually had in a real library not too long ago)...

Or go across to destroy the base on the ceiling of the museum room.

And exploring the interesting décor in each of the rooms is part of what makes the arena a key part of having a really immersive game experience.

There are ramps on each side to provide access to the top level.

And once you are up there a catwalk that gets you from one room to the next with ample walls and barriers to hide behind as well as lots of targets scattered throughout the entire arena.

When you’re in the upper level museum room you can see across into the window above the library, but you are also at eye level with the observation deck across the way. At one point in a game I was hanging out by one windowed opening in the arena and chatting with a couple of the people watching the game! :)

Now, since I was there early and the AYCP had not yet started they invited me to get a jump on some games with one of their party groups. It was a young girl’s birthday and she was having a blast with a few of her friends…meanwhile I found it funny to watch how the kids’ fathers were taking things REALLY seriously in there and playing harder than the kids!

In between games Jay showed me their separation of vests for sanitization and I appreciated seeing this place taking the cleanliness of their equipment. Before too long their AYCP crowd had arrived and there was a solid group of young guys in their teens and twenties ready to play hard. Now THIS was the kind of laser tag night I was really looking forward to!

Those guys were obviously regulars here and they gave me some great competition…and I believe I surprised them by bringing some of my own A game as well. Tag is nothing without great competitors to play against and those guys on blue were keeping the quality of the games excellent the whole night. Well, except for that one round when the game master called the next round and I jumped up still full of energy while they sat back to catch their breath. :) But otherwise, all the games were really a lot of fun. I was leading the night with the high score each game right until the end when one of those guys knocked me out of the top spot, so shout out to the one playing as Pacman…kudos and respect! After that game I decided to call it a night and get some rest. I had plans to visit with my friend Britany the next day, but an unexpected change in plans resulted in me catching a flight to Phoenix instead. So I’m glad that if I only got to spend one night in Las Vegas that I spent it playing hard and having a great time at Battle Blast Laser Tag. You better believe the next time I’m in Vegas I’ll be back…and I’ll be bringing Britany with me!

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