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Vegas, Baby…aka I’m Flip N Out Over This Arena!

Back to tales from my trip…

When I walked into Flip N Out Xtreme of Summerlin, NV and was told that they have an arena seven levels high I really didn’t believe it. Seven levels? Well, that in fact was the case with this really unique arena that you really have to see to believe.

So here’s a short tour of the arena with a design that I am told can be credited to Bryan Severence. It’s unlike almost anything else out there. The theme is Warehouse Wars.

You can even play out on a balcony extension that overlooks the other attractions they offer.

This site plays Delta Strike so I put on my pack and joined a game that was packed with teen players.

I am told this site caters more towards the teens while their other location in Henderson, NV has a younger crowd, but to be honest I think that both sites look like they would have similar appeal. I got to see and compare for myself once I got to Henderson.

I didn’t count the levels here, but the arena seemed to be just as large as Summerlin’s with a similar aesthetic that appears a bit more polished because of the paint job.

My favorite part of this site was the catwalk across the top.

Now, both of these sites are very different from most arenas because of one key feature…stairs.

I have never been a big fan of stairs when I see them in a laser tag arena. However, I will say that I did not see anyone running and they do make you a little more careful about where you are stepping. I think that changes the game play a bit, but I enjoyed my experience and I suspect that an arena design like this would not be possible with ramps because the angle of a staircase is so different. I really enjoyed playing at both Flip N Out Xtreme locations and this was a great way to kick off my visit to Las Vegas!

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