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Flight to…Tokyo?

As I ended my week on the west coast, I boarded a flight at LAX and flew from one side of the country to the other only to find myself the next day in…Tokyo? Well, technically New Jersey, but when I walked into Tac Ops Tactical Laser Tag in Florham Park, NJ and entered Battlefield Tokyo it was tough to tell! :)

I had made special arrangements to play one quick game before they opened up for a busy day catering to groups and parties, so I had a limited window to check out the arena. Fortunately the staff there were wonderful, Antonio got me set up quickly and I was able to get a good look around while playing against James as we ventured into Nakatomi Plaza...Die Hard!

James and I put on headsets, grabbed our Battle Company BR Pros and were off and running…except we never run in the arena, right?

We traded a couple of tags before I took a “tour of the city.”

Looks like I could find some places for cover under the desks in here!

I passed through the battle ravaged city streets…

But there were far more interesting things to explore, like the casino…didn’t I just leave a place that looked like this?

I ventured into the karaoke room where there was a wall for cover.

However, I preferred to make myself a target by standing on the stage out in the open.

Who am I kidding, it’s my lousy singing that would make me a target at this (or any) karaoke bar!

But I really loved the light show in this space, almost as much as seeing my favorite combination paired up together. Anytime I take a tag trip I always look for a sushi restaurant nearby. In this case I found one right in the middle of the arena!

Not too long ago I had Tac Ops owner Armando DiRienzo on my podcast to discuss the impact of an immersive arena. Had I seen this location first we would have had even more to talk about because the theming of this site was awesome! Because of the time crunch, I can’t say I got the complete feel of a proper game to judge the playability of the space, but I certainly was impressed with what I saw. Tac Ops does a great job of setting the scene and creating a fully immersive atmosphere. I understand they typically ad whisky and campfire scents to enhance the sensory experience in a couple of rooms here as well.

Ultimately, I was really impressed with everything I saw. I was glad to have a chance to check it out as I passed through New Jersey and look forward to a longer visit the next time I find myself in the area. I also purchased a few very cool souvenirs to take home to remind me of my time tagging through Battlefield Tokyo at Tac Ops in Florham Park.

Can’t wait to return!

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