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Getting Some Altitude

I was playing beat the clock to visit as many arenas in Oklahoma City area as possible in one night, so I visited Altitude 1291 in Midwest City, OK first, showing up within a half hour of closing time.

Lucky for me Garrett was more than willing to make sure I had a great experience and could get in a game of laser tag just under the wire! Huge thanks for that!

As it was already rather late on a weeknight I knew that I would likely be requesting a 1v1 with a staff member and Garrett was happy to join me for a game, escorting me over to the arena entrance.

We entered the briefing room and I was immediately impressed with the artwork, which I recognized as being some stunning work by Art Attack. When the briefing room looks this good I have very high hopes for the actual arena. :)

I was pleased to see that he went through all the procedure by the book, including having another staff member be the one to start the briefing video process. Sure, we all know I can recite this video by heart, but the correct thing to do is make sure that all players listen to the video instruction, so I appreciate that he went through the procedure the right way (even if he could probably guess I already knew what was covered). Then we vested up in Helios 2 packs and started the game.

This arena looks great! It’s tightly packed with structures and walls in a colorful “ravaged city” kind of theme.

You can see the H2 base above me as this base housing is windowed with a cutout to tag through.

There are lots of themed structures to weave in and out of, like the diner in the lower level.

And when you ascend the ramps to the upper level there is a lot going on up top as well.

Hmm…I see a pizzeria on the top level. That explains this guy!

I’d say we spent half the game actually playing and half discussing the arena between tags. I love that I got to play some H2 on this trip and I was really impressed with everything I experienced at Altitude 1291. This is a definite “must play again” next time I am back in Oklahoma.

We finished the game just before closing time, so I count myself very lucky that I made it over in time to have the Altitude 1291 experience!

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