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LaserTag.Net CEO Provides an Interview and an Update

Two weeks ago, the world was a very different place.

On February 23rd I recorded an interview with Michael Obod, the co-founder and CEO of LaserTag.Net, who was sitting in his laser tag manufacturing office in Kharkiv, Ukraine. He was enthusiastically telling me about his company and the things they were actively working on, including an upcoming rebranding with the name Netronic. Literally 12 hours after that interview took place the Russian attack on Ukraine began. We had no idea how much everything was about to change.

Much like the rest of the world, I watched the images of Ukraine on the news, feeling quite helpless as I saw the terrible situation unfolding. My inclination was to hold off on publishing the interview at this time as I was concerned about whether the timing was appropriate in light what was happening. However, Michael contacted me this week feeing that it was important not only to publish the interview now, but also to add an update to it. I welcomed him to provide a first-hand account of what he and his team have been experiencing in Ukraine.

Perhaps it is a bit out of order, but I’m going to first share the update from earlier today, which you can see here.

LaserTag.Net is persevering through very difficult circumstances, but they are a strong company with a very dedicated team who are an active part of the worldwide laser tag community. You can learn more about them from this full interview recorded two weeks ago on February 23, 2022 and tagged with today’s update.

Update - March 11, 2022:

I had asked Michael Obod about how people could help show support for his team and he provided an answer with some additional information on Friday, March 11th, which I promised to share. While I am not paid or affiliated with any laser tag company (and therefore I do not generally promote sales), Michael has provided this information as part of a donation campaign and a way to support LaserTag.Net and their Ukraine team during this time of war and so I share this information in that context.

I would like to extend my support to all the people of Ukraine and particularly to those who are part of our global laser tag community. Our thoughts and prayers are with you for peace for your nation and our world.

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