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Returning to Wasilla

It was about five years ago when I first visited Alaska to play laser tag at Extreme Fun Center in Wasilla. To this day it remains one of my favorite memories, so I could not be back in Alaska without returning to Wasilla to play some tag and relive some nostalgia.

What made this place so memorable? Well, last time I was here they literally called out the Alaska National Guard for my visit! It was documented at the time in the local newspaper.

Beyond that, the hospitality I was shown was quite notable as well. So I called ahead to let them know I would be coming back and was greeted and welcomed to play a 1v1 game with Dylan.

We entered the two-story Lasertron arena and I smiled remembering the last time I was here.

He gave me a good chase! I love when a 1v1 is worthwhile and it was a great way to get the blood pumping for the day!

It was so nice to return to tag at this arena again.

It will always be part of some amazing memories made along my laser tag journey, first to tag in all 50 states and now to tag in all 50 states a second time. :)

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