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Tagging Through Queens

Saturday morning started with a trip into Queens and I thank Nathan (Aztec) for taking me around to a few NYC area arenas that I might not have found my way to without having a local player leading the way. Our first stop was to Laser Bounce Queens located inside a mall in Glendale.

I had previously visited their Levittown location on Long Island and was looking forward to playing some Lasertron. Smile Aztec, it’s time for LT-11.5!

We waited by the entrance for our game to begin, chatting about the various other arcade attractions that this site has available.

It speaks well for laser tag that this was the attraction that had both a party group and a couple other players (us) on deck waiting to play. Proof that laser tag is THE game that everyone loves! We had to wait a bit before we could get into our game, but once we did it was a lot of fun.

This was early in the day, so we played a 1v1, which is not the ideal way to play Tron, but was still a great time. This arena has recharge stations and bases in each corner.

It’s a fun little arena with a raised center platform level accented in glowing blue lights.

It’s not a full second story, but it is a strategic area for the game, accessible by ramps on either side and a quicker cut across between the red and green sides.

I went for the base shots in spite of it being 1v1, but Aztec hung back, noting that it’s less interesting to just be doing base runs when there are only two players. Laser tag should be about player tags, and I can’t disagree…although I do like to get those points anyway!

We played two back to back games within our session, discussing the merits of having multiple games built into the price. Aztec has researched the interest in this model, confirming that some people prefer playing more games, even if the actual game time is less than what you could play in a comparable single game. These two games provided a very full Lasertron experience, so perhaps there is something to be said for doing it this way.

We left having enjoyed a good time at Laser Bounce Queens and I am so glad to have had a chance to visit!

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