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Taking It to the Extreme

Only 12 hours after being in Connecticut I had found my way to the opposite side of the country and got off the plane in sunny Los Angeles. There’s an arena I have had on my radar the last couple of times I was in California and I immediately headed out to experience Lazertag Extreme (formerly known as Lazertag Axtreme) in Simi Valley, CA.

This arena was very cool and had a really distinctive build. If you check out their map it appears to have two levels, which is essentially correct, but it has the feel of a three level arena because of the varied elevation.

You have your bases on ground level (two in the far back corners and one under the center structure) and you have what I call the mid-level just above center with a higher level balcony overlooking from the far back wall. This change in elevation makes a huge difference to the feel of the space!

A joined with a group of players who were very enthusiastic about the game.

One player on my team had staked out a corner and was tagging players left and right and doing very well. However, when I entered that area he was completely unaware he was camping inside the opposing team’s base! That’s because these bases are suspended from above and not immediately obvious if you aren’t looking for them.

I took the bases and returned to the top, where I essentially played laser tag whac-a-mole with the gallery targets.

And we finished out an exciting game with lots of cheers and enthusiasm as I took my final pics while leaving the arena.

This was a really nice visit (topped off with being very close to a sushi restaurant, so I had the perfect lunch right nearby). The staff were great and very helpful and the experience was well worth the drive a little ways out of my path. If you are anywhere near Simi Valley this arena is worth the stop!

And even though my T-shirt says Axtreme, I’ll certainly remember this trip to Lazertag Extreme.

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