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The Royal Treatment at The Funplex

What makes an arena stand apart from the pack are the distinctive details that make it unique and at The Funplex in East Hanover, NJ that is all about the experience of laser tagging throughout a castle. Talk about literal “royal treatment!”

When I arrived I was introduced to the manager, Brian, who coordinated a special game for me with laser tag marshal Naomi so I could experience this unique arena for myself. We suited up in our Lasertron packs and prepared for a shields up/down solo 1v1 game.

I was immediately impressed with this arena. As expected, there were classic Lasertron tubes, archways and bases.

However, they were really just part of the immersive landscape that was created by trees, a full-sized castle structure and beautifully airbrushed artwork on the walls.

The castle really is the showpiece here. It is the first thing you notice when you enter and it gives the appearance of a second level to what is actually a single level arena.

You can either Storm right through the castle gate…

Or you can defend from behind one of the barrier walls.

There are several “rooms” where you can tag or take cover.

Or in my case, I just let Naomi get the tags because I was busy taking selfies during the game by some of the really stunning wall art!

Yes, the airbrushed art on the walls was definitely another memorable feature. I love this one in particular!

This arena has a lot of personality and tagging inside a castle setting definitely feels like the royal treatment. You can follow this up with some red carpet treatment with a photo op in front of this awesome photo wall, which I think every arena should have…it’s a great idea to let your customers have a memorable pic and give you good publicity when they share it.

What a great way to start my New Jersey tag trip!

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