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Things That Make An Impression

I got to experience a small, but really attractive arena and play a little Delta Strike while visiting Playzone Toledo. I had plenty of time to explore the 3000 square foot single level space because the game I landed in happened to be comprised entirely of kids and that meant I didn’t really play so much as I let them use me as a moving target. Sometimes it’s just better to let it play out like that. However, that also gave me a chance to really look around and explore the arena and find the surprises hidden throughout every corner and then …OMG, a giant spider!

And another!

I absolutely LOVE that this was a completely unexpected touch added to what might otherwise be considered a more typical CW design. Yes, I’ve seen a few of these elements before (like as recently as my last stop in Defiance for this guy)…

…but the spider thing was new! And I must also say that lighting makes a huge difference because check out the way these walls pop with color and look brand new!

And one thing I really liked was a lighting effect with neon green spider shapes that swept across the floor. My camera couldn’t catch it fast enough, but knowing that it’s there will keep you on the lookout!

There were a few other decorative pieces I had not encountered before.

Following my game I met Nano whose family owns this business. We chatted a bit and he demonstrated some of his own music mixes that they use during games in order to augment the atmosphere and the experience in the arena. I really appreciated his sharing that because when I listened to the alternate music track I could definitely feel how it amplified the mood. Both lighting and sound really are very important to the overall impression, which translates to a fuller experience. I definitely found that to be the case here because my impression was that even having seen some elements of the arena elsewhere, the original touches have this site something extra.

Also, as soon as I left Playzone Toledo the very first thing I did was go out to my car and message my ‘geddon team to let them know this is an arena that Wil absolutely HAS to visit! And when Emily saw the pics of the spider props she was all in for that idea, which then led to some discussion of doing a Midwest meet-up to visit a few laser tag arenas including this one, all because of those giant spiders. So let that serve as anecdotal evidence that when something about your site really stands out, word can spread quickly! It was clear to me that Nano and the team have put a lot of effort into keeping a consistent theme running throughout your center which left me with a very positive impression of Playzone Toledo.

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