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Blasting in the New Year

It's New Year's Eve and I am off to a party at the laser tag center. I will be enjoying six hours of game play tonight and blasting in the new year. So this year I am passing on wearing a little black dress in favor of a little black t-shirt (always wear dark apparel so you don't stand out, especially if there are black lights in the'll almost always learn this lesson in the briefing room first).

Laser Tag photo.jpg

However, it wouldn't be New Year's without a little bling, right?

image (3).jpg

So my duffel bag with a crystal blinged-out tribute to my favorite laser sport is the ideal accessory! Just kidding...I travel light when I'm actually playing, but wanted an excuse to show off my custom bag. In actuality it's toting my tae kwon do uniform and sparring gloves, but that's fodder for a whole different blog :) Happy New Year! If you have questions or comments please visit my website at or email me at

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