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Changing the Name of the Game

Tonight was an unusual situation, but I figured out how to change the way I play to fit the scenario without being either a monster or a total non-entity. At first it didn't look like I'd be able to play any laser tag at all. There was NOBODY at tag tonight until a Boy Scout troop showed up. In fairness, they all looked like teens or close to it, so it's not like I went in with a group of young kids. But I also knew that this was a group that I could seriously hammer if I went in playing hard and I did not want to do that. So I approached the game differently. What's the thing that I generally care the least about at tag? Everybody say it in unison..."ACCURACY!!!" I probably should care more about that, but I don't. I just go for points any way I can accomplish it. But tonight I decided to make accuracy the name of the game. I deliberately allowed myself to take hits openly. However, I was a lot more judicious with my shots and didn't fire at just anything unless I was pretty certain I could hit it with one shot. 82% accuracy...I’ll take that!

This made it interesting and way more fun for everyone because the scores were closer (yes, I ended up winning on points anyway, but not deliberately) and the others got to have a good time while scoring tags against me (I could tell I was a trophy for some of them when they got a successful tag and tonight that was perfectly fine by me). And playing only for accuracy does hone my skills in a different way. So tonight turned out to be fun anyhow. So glad they showed up...but also looking forward to playing way more seriously this weekend! :)

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