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Perfect, Undefeated Night

This happens now and again, but it's been awhile since I've accomplished it in Syracuse...last night I had a perfect game streak, start to finish, first place every game of the evening. How? Sarcastic voice: "Joe wasn't there" (...and ok, that was true, but I say that just kidding...smiley face). But I prefer to think it's because I was just very goal oriented and focused last night as I had set my mind to do this even before arriving at the arena. However, there was still an ample challenge in front of me. Nearly every game had between 30-40 players...

So there was plenty of competition anyway. Particularly from a few distinct factions that formed throughout the evening. I stayed on one team using the same pack all night. I am recovering from a cold so I figured I'd confine any residual germs to one pack so I picked up my old friend, Legend, and stayed with that pack all night long. After a couple of games the other players had me in their sights as a target...especially a few on the blue team. A couple of them stood out to me in particular. There was an older guy there hanging out with quite a few college aged players. Turns out this guy is a professor (of the cool, hangs with his students variety) who came out to play tag with his twenty-something daughter. He chatted me up because I was wearing my Lasertron shirt and he deemed me a "pro" I think I was his target from the get go. But once I made efforts to keep his daughter from taking a base, let's just say the switch was flipped and it was "game on". The daughter actually played quite well. Another young woman about the same age was WAY more aggressive when it came to the bases. She seemed to lead a coordinated faction to go get the bases (and prevent others from doing so) while another young woman seemed in charge of defending their base. There were actually quite a few college aged women there playing smart, coordinated efforts. I had the benefit of experience on my side, but I really give them respect for coming in and executing a decent strategy. This illustrated something I've thought for awhile...please forgive how sexist this sounds, but laser tag really would be a very different sport if there were more women who played. And that's not to say that there aren't quite a few good, female players, but what I witnessed this evening was just a great example of the ladies leading the charge and a very good show of coordination on their team. Call tonight the Nivian challenge. But with so many players there was plenty of opportunity to play hard and achieve my goal. Even though what happened tonight has absolutely no bearing on anything, this was a good way to reinforce some confidence before next weekend's tournament (one more reason I played seriously for the wins tonight) and I can't wait. This was a good evening.

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