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Interesting Commentary

I was running a little late for tag last night...priorities. I was getting my nails done. Now they sparkle and match my phaser. :)

Once I arrived I played a series of games (another undefeated streak) with some interesting commentary popping up throughout the night... First game - This game was smaller and there were some older teens plus a couple of little ones in it, as it was still early in the night. I always try to leave the little ones alone. If they are tiny enough to still be cute they should not be targeted and instead should be offered encouragement during the game. Note, this is my feeling so long as the following also applies... 1. They are less than 10 years old or four feet tall. 2. They are not mimicking Call of Duty and shooting in my face telling me to "die!" At the end of the game one little boy had an adorable comment. He exited the vesting room and he told his mother "I defended the base the whole time!" I smiled...first, for his happy feeling of accomplishment. Second, for his particular defense strategy...the way he defended was by saying to everyone who came near it "please don't shoot my base." Hmm...I wonder how that tactic would work in tournament competition? Too cute! :) After that point we saw a shift in player demographic (thank goodness) with a way better turnout, both in total number of players as well as there being lots more age appropriate older players. Many of them were young twenty-something guys and girls on is Valentine's weekend. A couple of those guys said to me afterwards "every time, you killed it. Are you an ex-marine?" I'm flattered that this comparison has come up on more than one occasion. Then here was one of the most irritating (but sort of funny) comments of the night. Did one of the young guys in the arena actually just suggest that I need an AARP card? :) LOL...not bad for smack talk, but boys, let your playing do your talking. Age and experience just whipped your rear in this game. I wear that badge with honor. Playing on the success of his earlier joke that same teenager suggested that I need LASIK. I told him I could see his pack just fine as I deactivated him. Later on another one just offered his respect by coming up to me afterwards and saying "Excuse me. You're too good at laser tag" with a nod like a salute. Next game...Ha! The kid with the smartass AARP/LASIK comments decided it was better to join my team than oppose me! In his words "at least we'll win with her on our team." And for the rest of the night those younger guys saw the truth in action of that last comment. :)

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