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For months I have been looking forward to ZG having their new membership system up and running and I'm pleased to say that (other than employee test memberships) I got the first active public membership last night and it was definitely worth the wait. Although I technically have similar cards from three other Zone sites, they were tournament tick cards so I haven't had an active site membership for Zone since back in my first days of playing. Although to some people it might not mean more than having a personal code name on the screen (and right on the phaser too), for me it's really cool to see some stats on my playing, which will be more valuable to know as I play more and more with my card.

Two other members got on board right away and it was fun to track stats against Daedalus and Icarus who were great competition all night. They got their memberships after noticing mine (and even a couple of the employees, once realizing my vest was activated commented that they wanted to get theirs too. I look forward to the potential for member nights, tourneys and more now that this is set up. BTW, this is what my stats looked like after my first couple of games...

A moment to talk about something I've gone on record about...I usually say I couldn't care less about unlocking achievements. Well, at the Force center this is true and I hardly ever even look at my accounts because I care so little about random factoid accomplishments that mean nothing. BUT...I am really changing my tune now that I have started unlocking some Zone achievements. I knocked out a few of them very quickly and here are just a couple that are my favorites now that I unlocked during night one:

Laser Expert - Get a Tag/Deactivate ratio of at least 2:1

Speedy Gonzales - Tag 10 players within 5 seconds

Team Carrier - Team wins and you score 25% more than other team mates

Good Game - Schieved an average of 1000 points per minute in a single game

There were others, but I think these best reflect something you'd call an actual "achievement" and also measure factors I was unable to before the membership activation.

Well, after a couple of us had our new cards (and we could identify other members because of the way the packs flashed differently) then the game went up a notch. Daedalus and Icarus were teaming up against me, but that made it more fun and the last game was the best of the night. Props to Icarus...the final score had me ahead by a scant 400 points, which made that the closest and most intensely played game of the night. He called it a heart breaker, but to me it was just a heartening to meet new players who went in as seriously as I did and know that now that we have a member community starting that the likelihood is that it will only get better from here. Can't wait to go back!

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