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Yesterday I was called into my boss's office to join him on a telephone call and contribute my thoughts about... laser tag? This was unexpected because, although as a hobby this takes up a great deal of my free time, my actual job is in radio advertising and marketing so I can't say that laser tag really comes up all that often at work. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that he wanted me on the call because the gentleman on the other end will be opening a new laser tag facility in our city in just a few weeks!

I am thrilled to know there will be a new center open much closer to where I live considering it takes me an hour and a half in either direction to drive to the closest sites that I frequent every week. Although their "coming soon" sign references iCombat I have it on very good authority (the owner himself) that they will be running Gen 7 Laserforce packs at this center. This is great news and I'm glad to hear of his choice in systems.

Of course I realize that this center will be smaller than some of the other places where I play, but I am optimistic that having an arena so close by will afford me the chance to get more frequent practice time in on weeknights. I really hope they develop a member base and consider starting a member night...maybe with some antic-free SM5. :)

Considering the relatively recent loss of two other tag sites in upstate New York I am really enthused to support this new tag arena and the rest of their business moving to a new site in our local mall. Rest assured there will be a follow up post as soon as this facility is up and running as I will plan to pay a visit and play there on their opening day. I wish them the best of luck!

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