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Armageddon 2024 - Day 1: We are Systematic Chaos

I woke up on Friday morning to learn the results of the captain’s draft for the 2024 U.S. Armageddon tournament. I had been added to a group chat and discovered which newly formed team had picked me for their roster…we are Systematic Chaos. :)

First day spoiler alert…we were undefeated on day one! We had a really good running start with this team captained by Scuba and including RedNecTec, Jackal, Skitchy (from Sweden), Masterboy (from Austria), Grumpy, Woz and me.

The first day began with Q-Zar.

I have developed an appreciation for this system over the years, largely because getting to play it is such a rare novelty these days. We hoped to do well and the first few games gave us a good starting point for developing some strategy with guidance from RNT. By our final game we were ready to take on the team with the Q-Zar Goliath…The Brit. He is so well renowned for his skill on this system that this was expected to be a very challenging game. I think we were all pleasantly dumbfounded to have won that last game against his team. We had a clean sweep for our games on Q-Zar!

I mixed up some of my “go-go juice” (just highly caffeinated iced tea to keep my energy up at tournaments) and enjoyed time socializing with old friends…

…and some of our new friends from abroad. There is some VERY good international representation at this tournament!

Next up was Laserforce. Due to the time constraints we were not able to finish playing this system on day one, however we got to play three out of five of our scheduled games and we won them all, so this was a very optimistic beginning!

This was a great way to kick off the first day.

Three more days (and five and a half more systems) left to go!

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