Erik Guthrie Discusses Zone’s Social Distancing Software Unveiled This Week

During a time when social distancing has become so important, the laser tag industry is just starting to re-emerge with operators preparing for and beginning to re-open their businesses that were shut down through the COVID-19 pandemic. This makes the new innovation announced this week by Zone Laser Tag all the more timely and relevant. Zone has just unveiled their new social distancing software (ZAPS) as a way to enforce social distancing inside the arena during a game. Erik Guthrie, Vice President of Sales for Zone Laser Tag and curator of the Laser Tag Museum took some time to discuss this latest update for Helios Pro and Helios 2 systems as well as how the laser tag industry is coming th

An Interview with Maree Harris of Laserforce

I’d like to thank Maree Harris of Laserforce for taking time for an interview during last year’s IAAPA to share her unique perspective as the world’s longest-running female laser tag operator. I’m pleased to share this as the latest addition to the the Oral History of Laser Tag series. See what Maree (aka Aunty Mars) had to say here... It’s been three months since most of us have been able to enjoy a game of laser tag and I’m looking forward to regions in my state hopefully moving into Phase 4 of re-opening within the next couple of weeks. This has been a challenging t

Where Do I Tag Next?

When laser tag arenas open throughout the country I will continue to show up, support and blog about them. Right now I’m looking for info on which states are allowing laser tag to open and when. The pins on this map mark the arenas that I’ve already played. Now I would love suggestions to help me figure out where else to go next once things re-open. Shout out to Chook for the excellent suggestion that I make a second map marking the sites which I have yet to play, but that I would like to get to in the future. That will help me set some new travel goals, so I’ll be working on that while I keep tabs on where I will be able to play again the soonest. I’ve heard that Ohio will be allowing arena

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