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Tagging Through Baton Rouge

Our next stop was to Main Event in Baton Rouge.

This was a different Delta Strike experience, as we got to play using Evolution packs. We suited up in the vesting area.

Then set out for the arena. The space had all the typical hallmarks I have come to expect when I played at Main Event.

There were some mirrors where we could take advantage of reflections to tag from interesting angles.

Scuba found the angles for hitting some targets from the upper level.

And then we chased each other for player tags all throughout.

Nice game!

And when we were done we enjoyed something a little out of the box…a PB and J bacon burger followed by a clever little dessert they called a mason jar cheesecake.  These did not last long!

This turned out to be a great way to round out this tag trip to Baton Rouge. :)

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