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Surging Ahead to the Serpent’s Curse

While in Louisiana I wanted to check out a few laser tag arenas I had not previously visited, starting with Surge Entertainment in Baton Rouge where Scuba and I got ready to explore the Serpent’s Curse.

We watched a briefing video that set up the storyline behind the theming as we “crash landed” in the middle of the adventure and (for those who know sports) the video also featured Drew Brees, the former football quarterback and celebrity name attached to the Surge facilities. I liked the way they tied the whole concept together between the briefing room and the arena.

We put on our Delta Strike Genesis packs and entered the two-story arena to find ourselves surrounded by serpents and snakes everywhere we looked.

There were snakes overlooking the archways…

Snakes airbrushed on the walls…

And snakes guarding some of the additional targets scattered throughout the arena.

Two levels gave us plenty of space to traverse as we made our way up and down the ramps.

From the upper level there was a nice overlook to the ground floor and we experimented with determining which targets could be tagged from above.

As a reptile mom, I like the theming that was chosen for this arena. :)

And it was great to get to play some Delta Strike with Scuba this time around.

It was nice to have an opportunity to visit Surge Entertainment while traveling through Baton Rouge and experience the Serpent’s Curse”.

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